Total Athlete Series

As athletes, we are always looking for ways to improve, to gain an edge on an opponent, to reach the next level of our sport, or to win a championship. We usually tackle this by concentrating on the physical elements of training; fitness, muscle strength, and skill development. However, there are other areas to consider and implement in your training regime including mental, emotional, and spiritual development. These are imperative for you to maximize your potential.

The Total Athlete Series is a creative program developed to help athletes achieve their full potential. It is designed to be run in a small group where athletes can discuss what they watch in each session.

Do you desire to learn new skills, developing in every area? Do you desire to excel as an athlete? Take this journey and through discussion challenge your team or a group of athletes on how to become a Total Athlete.

Series One: BECOMING

Becoming focuses on sports psychology to help you along in the journey of becoming a total athlete. Throughout the sessions you will hear from Dr. Blair Whitmash, Sport Psychologist, Dave Johns, an expert in holistic sport training, and various pro and university athletes as they share their experiences and knowledge with you.

Sessions included are:

  1. Intentional Athlete
    Do you hope to succeed or do you intend to succeed?
  2. Will to Win
    What motivation should you have and where does it come from?
  3. ID
    Where do you find your identity and is it healthy?
  4. Adversity
    How do you overcome the road blocks and speed bumps in sport and life?
  5. Pressure
    How do you overcome pressure?
  6. Coachability
    Do you need to be coachable to succeed?
  7. Hall of Fame
    What legacy will you leave behind?

Where can I get the Total Athlete Series

Buy it online or join the academy.

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